Final Blog

The following is a series of renderings from my final studio project for ARCH 301: Intro to Architectural Design II. In these renderings I used the skills I have developed in ARCH 380 to produce interior perspectives as well as a section perspective of my design. Also, I have included my final blog post questionnaire on my overall thoughts about computers in architecture and the class as a whole.

Interior perspective #1Colton Twiddy_Final Render 2

Interior perspective #2

Colton Twiddy_Final Render 3

Section perspective

Section Perspective

Are you more comfortable designing with pencil or on the computer?

I am much more comfortable working on the computer than working with pencil. My drafting skills are decent so I can do plans and sections pretty well but when it comes to shading, perspectives or anything that requires being artistic I am completely lost.


How do you like maintaining a Blog? Might you do so again in the future?

I really enjoyed maintaining a blog. I don’t know when I will need to again in my future but if I ever need to, I feel more than confident doing so. I think it is interesting to look back at all of my work and see how far it has come and my blog is a great representation of that progression.



What is your comfort level with Rhino 5 for modeling tasks?

I feel fairly confident working with Rhino 5. I am definitely not over confident because I understand that we have only experimented with the most basic tasks that the program has to offer but for future use in studio I feel fairly confident in using the program. I know that I can do any studio project in Rhino but I need to keep practicing and developing my skills because it still takes me longer than it should to complete tasks.



How comfortable are you with rendering in Rhino using Vray?

I did not use Vray for any renderings this quarter. However, I feel very confident using Flamingo. The program is very straightforward and easy to manipulate and I feel very confident that I will be able to produce great renderings in the future using this program.



What do you think about Grass Hopper? -Can you imagine using it in studio?

I can’t imagine using grasshopper in studio in the future just because the program is so confusing. The extent of my use might be stealing Grasshopper definitions off the Internet and using them in my own designs.


How did this course fulfill your expectations -or not. From your own point of view, what should be added or deleted.

I think this class is awesome and it fulfilled all of my expectations. I wish that our heavy course load allowed us to put more focus on this class but I still feel that the class met my expectations as a whole. I wish we could take this class daily or multiple times a week because the skills we learned are so valuable and useful to everything we do in our major. I think that we were barely scratching the surface of what we are capable of with this program and I really wish the class could continue.



Are you more confident about using computers in architecture than before you took this class?


Thank you for a great quarter Rhino Rob, see you at happy hour!