Week 8

This was a final screenshot of my grasshopper canvas including all the inputs to create a catenary truss system that could extend, rotate and array. This system is what I baked into my Rhino file to begin creating pavilions for my waterpark.

Week 8 Photo 8

This is a screenshot from my Rhino document of what was produced from the canvas above. This part of the assignment was fairly straight forward and caused little to no trouble.

Week 8 Photo 9

The following screenshots are from my final pavilion designs. After creating this truss system in grasshopper, I experimented with the sliders in grasshopper to make the exact truss system I wanted, then I baked these systems into my existing Rhino file and created my three pavilions.

Week 8 photo 14

Week 8 photo 13

Week 8 Photo 12

I had many difficulties along the way that I didn’t take screenshots of because most of which were saving and baking issues. I am still unclear about saving GH files because something goes wrong every time I save. Either the files switch from GH to Rhino or they won’t open properly but I have had saving issues every time we have used GH and its very frustrating. Other than that everything is going well and I am becoming more comfortable with Rhino after every assignment.