Week 7

In this week’s assignment we were designing different variations of trusses using Rhino and Grasshopper. The follow is a series of screenshots throughout the process of each truss design along with the grasshopper inputs that created each truss.

Parametric truss

Photo 1 week 7.PNG

Photo 2 Week 7


Catenary truss

Photo 3 Week 7.PNG

Photo 4 Week 7


Tri-chordal truss

Photo 5 Week 7.PNG

Photo 6 Week 7.PNG


Curved truss

Photo 7 Week 7

Photo 8 Week 7.PNG


I didn’t have any major issues with the assignment itself but the saving, naming and submitting convention was a little confusing. I submitted four grasshopper files including each truss and one Rhino file with the final curved truss and I hope this is what is required.