Week 6

This screenshot is poolside, featuring my first slide design, my chaise lounge chairs and my guard chair.

Week 6 photo 4

This screenshot is of my second pool design which I made in the form of a tube. This design was slightly more challenging as it took a couple tries to get the sweep1 command to work to make a tube. I ultimately just swept the inside and outside rings of the tube separately to create the slide.

Week 6 photo 2

The final screenshot is of my third slide design. I wanted to incorporate the techniques used in both slide one and slide two to make slide three. I did so by creating an open design similar to slide one, but a longer design with more spirals similar to slide two. To make slide three unique, I made the same design twice just opposite of one another with the idea that people could race. I am unsure if this is safe, as a tie could result in a potentially fatal collision at the bottom but there is no need to fear when the guard chair is near.

Week 6 photo 5

A final screenshot of my first Rhino/Grasshopper assignment. This was my first experience with grasshopper and although it seems confusing, the instructional video was very helpful in getting started with the program. Week 6 GH Snap