Week 5

This is a screenshot of an issue I was having with the consistency of my Cplane in my top and left view in Rhino. I didn’t realize that each view has its own Cplane so therefore only the perspective view that I was working from was working on the axis while my other two were off building things in space.

Week 5 photo 1

This is the frame of my guard chair just after I piped the wireframe. I noticed that the back legs are tapered to a sharp point and I figured out that this was because I had accidentally copy and pasted the back legs at least twice, which meant that Rhino didn’t know which line to pipe, so it chose not to pipe either of them.

“A computer is just a dumb machine that needs you to tell it everything that it needs to do.” -Rob Corser

Week 5 photo 2

These are a series of screenshots from my final chairs, (regular chair, guard chair and chaise lounge). These were the final products of each of my designs.

Week 5 photo 3

Week 5 photo 4.PNG

Week 5 photo 5.PNG