Week 4

This is a screenshot from my first set of stairs in my custom pavilion. This was a little time consuming because the pavilion wasn’t set up properly in my layers from my past assignment but once I got my layers under control I was able to proceed with the construction of my first stair.

Week 4 photo two.PNG

This is what my project turned into while trying to make my rails. When I went to solid > pipe and hit enter this became my stair tower/handrails. I am learning that this is a common issue in Rhino and is often simple to fix. It is usually just a matter of troubleshooting from your original wireframe and figuring out what is not closed or constructed properly.

Week 4 photo five.PNG

This is a series of screenshots from my final three designs including towers, hand rails, stairs and handrails in the pavilions.

Week 4 photo six.PNGWeek 4 photo seven.PNGWeek 4 ohoto eight.PNG