Week 3

An early photo of the process in building my rectangular pool. At this point in the design I I was offsetting the pool to 8″ so make it a solid object rather than a series of surfaces.

Capture 1.PNG


This is a screenshot of my free-form pool design. In this photo I am setting the pool in the topography and trimming the ground around and inside the pool to make the pool sit flush with the topography. To do this, I am using the “trim” command in Rhino to select surfaces and topography lines that I want to cut from my model.

Capture 2.PNG


This is a final screen shot of my custom pavilion and custom pool design set into the topography. This was a challenging process but is great in creating fundamental habits in Rhino like keeping your layers in order, grouping your layers appropriately and learning how to transfer objects from one layer to another.

Final Capture.PNG