Week 2

Week 1 photo two
This is a screen shot taken after I traced and trimmed the bitmat topography to create topographical lines to be extruded to their appropriate heights.

Week 1 photo one

This photo is of the contour check process. The objective of this process is to check the contours of the topography at 6″ and 1′ increments. You notice the large extrusion in my topo on the top left which means I missed one of the topo lines during the extrusion process, hence the reason you do a contour check.

Rhino Screen Shot

This is a screen shot of the final product from my week two assignment, Rhino: Input, Curves and Surfaces, Creation and Editing. The process was simple, yet time consuming, as I used a bitmap topographical drawing to create 2D curves and used those curves to create a 3D topographical surface.